What Is The Underground Fat Loss Manual?

This Underground Fat Loss Manual is a guide that will help you burn fat faster by drinking less water and eating more pickles. This Manual will surprisingly encourage you to exercise less for maximum fat loss. The Underground Fat Loss Manual is designed to help people decrease their body fat quickly and effectively using proven fat loss techniques that are 100% natural. With this program, you will know why almost all diets stop working after the First Two Weeks. It’s a comprehensive program that consists of 100% natural fat loss tricks that can lower body fat levels by 6-8% in men and 12-16% in women. One of the main techniques The Underground Fat Loss Manual is based on is proven to help you lose 8.36 pounds of fat in 3 days.

The FIVE Common Lies

There are five common lies about losing fat that I see repeated over and over again. They are as follows:

Lie #1: Just "eat less and move more" to lose weight.

Lie #2: You need to "eat clean" to get lean.

Lie #3: Carbohydrates raise insulin and make you store fat.

Lie #4: Drink at least 8 glasses of water to help spur weight loss.

Lie #5: Fat loss should happen slowly.

How Does It Work?

This manual DISMANTLES each of the weight loss lies that prevent some people from getting a lean & fit physique and reveals some surprising tips that can actually help make the journey even faster. For example, did you know there's a certain type of "naughty gum" that can actually help you burn fat every time you chew a piece? Or the weird reason why many top fitness models use a type of infant medicine when they need to get lean fast for an important photo shoot? These are just a few of the "underground" secrets the author discovered when he set out to discover the truth about getting lean.

Today the author is inviting you to join countless others who've transformed their bodies starting thanks to the Underground Fat Loss manual.

  • How the author got in the best shape of his life after age 40 by BREAKING long-standing fitness rules

  • Why drinking less water and eating more pickles can speed up your fat burning rate

  • The "keystone" to losing fat -- once you understand this you'll be done with fad diets FOREVER.

  • The weird reason why almost all diets stop working after the first two weeks... and how to overcome this. (Surprise -- it has nothing to do with metabolism)

  • How to get lean while still enjoying doughnuts, beer and chocolate ice cream.

  • His bizarre cheat meal strategy that actually accelerates fat loss

  • Why you must "front load" your fat loss plan for maximum fat loss earlier in the week.

  • The surprising reason why the author actually encourage his clients to exercise LESS for maximum fat loss

  • The 4 keys you must master to develop "the fat loss mindset." (Hint: You do NOT need willpower.)

  • "Nerdy" secrets that actually make fat loss feel like a game... a game you can win!

  • How to kick-start your fat loss and peel off 10-15 pounds

  • And so much more...

The Infamous Chapter 13!

You will get Chapter 13 for FREE when you order The Underground Fat Loss Manual today and here's a small taste of what is contained...

  • How to use "adult beverages" to accelerate fat loss

  • Why snacking on certain high sodium foods can actually kill hunger cravings and jumpstart your fat loss efforts

  • The misunderstood morning beverage that can actually kickstart your body's natural calorie-burning efforts by 16%

  • My weird "eat the whole pint" ice cream hack that allows you to eat dessert every night and still stay lean

  • Why chewing "naughty gum" can give you a beach body

  • The homemade fat-burning "stack" that can give you better results than most high-priced fat loss supplements!

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