Video Payflow is an online sales tool that enables from inside a video. You can completely check out processes on your website and do the entire system from actually the offer itself to the thank you video and product delivery without ever leaving the video. Instead of creating sale pages, you’ve got your offer pages, thank you pages, download links, you can do all of that inside a video. You can embed that video to start selling your product easily. Video Payflow is the “First-Ever” complete In-Video checkout flow for video, which will be the game-changer from the get-go. You can set up online offers in minutes, not days and hours. It allows you to increase conversion by simplifying the checkout process for your customers. Start selling without having to create a sales page. Sales progress that does not need a thank you page. Maximize sales conversion with in-built video marketing tools. It radically reduces workload and time for setting up an offer. Video Payflow enables you to convert a simple video offer, to a sales machine.

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