Relationship Rewrite Method

What Is Relationship Rewrite Method?

Relationship Rewrite Method is an innovative guide that helps you to choose the perfect technique for fixing your relationship. t’s a really terrible feeling when you know that no matter how hard you try, things aren’t working out and want to fix them, but you have no idea where to start. Although there are many relationship fixer-uppers out there, not all are created equal and many of them want you to change who you are, what you want, what you put up with and the list goes on. The Relationship Rewrite Method is written by a relationship expert James Bauer who gives specific steps and psychology-backed techniques on how women can win their ex back.

This online program designed to help women repair their relationship with their partner, no matter how far gone it seems or how long things have been going downhill or the reasons for the collapse. This technique will teach you how to make your man get obsessed with you.

It brings you professional advice & a series of effective strategies designed to help you repair your relationship, no matter the circumstances. Relationship Rewrite Method teaches women powerful, result-proven strategies that are designed specifically to repair relationships. The program regime is divided into a simple six-step plan separated into three Parts – Approach, Action & Additional techniques.

This program it’s not just for exes, really as the same method can be applied to any man who pulls away whether you’re still dating or you’re in a relationship. The main focus of the program is that women have the power to win their man back by rewriting the story in their ex’s head about them and the whole relationship, thus the title “Relationship Rewrite Method.”

According to Bauer, each of us create and store stories/memories in our heads based on the feelings we have of that experience. When a relationship crumbles, chances are very high that the memories that come up to the surface are the negative ones - the fights, the annoying quirks, the incompatibilities, etc.

The Relationship Rewrite Method is a smart guide for women who want to get their exes back without being (and seeming) desperate. The author bases the program on the psychology of male exes and how women can rewire their brains to win them back.

You Definitely need this book if:

  • You’re a woman who wants a classy (aka “smooth”) approach to win an ex back.

  • You had been together with your ex for quite a while.

  • Your ex initiated the breakup and is now firm about his decision.

  • You are okay with a slow but sure approach to win your ex back.

  • If you’re willing to pursue your ex using smart, psych-backed techniques without him suspecting that you’re actually doing it.

The Relationship Rewrite Method consists of six steps that women can implement to get their men back:

Step One: The Power of Reciprocity

Step Two: Using Compliments to Shape His Behavior

Step Three: The Power of Story to touch his emotions (My favorite part!)

Step Four: Asking him for a favor

Step Five: Standing at the Crossroads

Step Six: Energy Transfer

Each step is based on the male psychology and how women can gain the power to change their man’s heart using proven emotional triggers.

Take a look at a more detailed contents of the book:

  • Getting Started

  • The RR Method

  • The Movie Trailer Method and Meaningful Moment Exercise

    • Why These Mini Mental Movies Matter So Much

    • Human Motivation

    • Your Mission, Should You Choose to Accept It

    • The Meaningful Moment

  • The Power of Extended Time Horizons

    • Lucky People

  • Heuristics: Why Compliments Work When Other Methods Fail

    • Pursuing Joy

    • Compliments

  • Step One: Get Him to Turn Around with the Power of Reciprocity

    • How to Get His Attention

    • When You Ended on Good Terms

    • Now It Is Time To Use the Power of Reciprocity

  • Step Two: Use Compliments to Open New Pathways of Communication

    • The Best that He Can Be

    • Start With This

    • The Five Goals

    • Examples

    • How To Make Compliments Sound Natural

    • My Secret Sauce

    • What If He Gets a Big Head?

  • Step Three: Use the Power of Story to Touch his Emotions

    • Method One

    • Method Two

  • Step Four: Ask Him For a Favour

    • A Simple Request

    • Hold His Gaze

  • Step Five: Stand at the Crossroads

    • The Crossroads

    • A Curious Thing about Men and Freedom

    • Methods for Creating Scarcity

  • Step Six: Energy Transfer

    • The Three Stages for Closing a Deal

    • Clearing Objections

    • Align Your Intentions

  • Optional Techniques

    • I Really Hurt You, Didn’t I?

    • The “Moving On” Ritual of Closure

    • The Humor Technique for Shared Emotional Release

    • The Shared Enemy or Goal Technique

    • The Disappearing, Reappearing Woman Technique

  • An Idea is like a Virus

Relationship Rewrite Method teaches women powerful, psychology-based strategies that can rekindle any relationship no matter the circumstances. This program is quite straightforward and is divided into three parts and consists of a simple 6-step action plan. The program comes with examples to help you use what you’ve learned to patch things up with your ex. The system can also be used on a current partner who you feel is losing interest, and you can get your money back with the 60 Day Money Back Guarantee included.

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