VidMagnet is a DFY interactive video marketing tool that gets you free traffic for affiliate marketing for beginners by siphoning free buyer traffic from popular, viral videos to boost your sales and profits. It is a brand new tool that allows you legally transform any popular YouTube video into a massive profit machine just hit the market. You will not only easily siphon traffic from any popular viral video online and direct them to your affiliate links and generate insane amounts of sales and commissions, but also turn your own boring video to a wonderful traffic magnet. VidMagnet transforms your videos from boring to an unbelievably agile online sales machine by adding interactive elements of your choice to your videos. You won't need for any sales page, landing page, or even website. Your video will do all the heavy lifting for you while you do things that matter to you. This new interactive video technology is the new go-to solution to boost your video results. You can even sale tons of ecom products right on top of any video using the interactive technology that comes with this product.

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Over the years, video has become popular and continues to dominate the online space more than any other content. Businesses have not been left behind, they have capitalized on this popularity of video and used it through video, which is booming and works effectively for all industries across all market sectors. What's interesting is that there is no sign of this trend slowing down. This is the chance for anyone who hasn't boarded this boat to jump in and cash in as much as they can. The stats don't lie:

  • Online videos will make up more than 82% of internet traffic by 2022, which is 15X higher than in 2017.

  • 85% of internet users watch videos before a purchase.

  • Videos have 94% higher conversion rate than any other platform.

  • All social sites are giving video content higher reach than text and images.

  • 30,000 hours of video are uploaded on YouTube every hour

  • 5 billion hours of videos watched daily

Marketers cannot ignore the importance of video if they are serious about growing a strong online presence to help their business achieve their marketing goals. The questions is how would you present the brand’s story by using video campaigns in an engaging and easily digestible way? Your video need to stand out for a start. The normal traditional video we see every day on YouTube, Instagram, Tiktok, and many blogs/websites, etc. only viewers to watch getting to participate or interact with this video. Businesses don’t just want to use videos anymore, they need something more that will boost their video conversions significantly.

VidMagnet is the best video technology for massive commissions & sales. It easily allows anyone (newbie and expert) to siphon massive free buyer traffic from any video on YouTube and turn them to massive sales, commissions and leads. VidMagnet solves all the problems listed above and many more.

  • Problem #1 (Solved): Making a video super hard and technical. With VidMagnet, you don’t need to create your own videos. No need to learn any Adobe video suite or higher a professional videographer. Simply use other people’s videos legally to profit.

  • Problem #2 (Solved): Less than 10% of all video uploaded online get 90% of all online video views. No need to use your own videos, just slap your offer onto a highly searched for, highly viewed video and start getting free buyer traffic and sales from these viral videos for free.

  • Problem #3 (Solved). You need to create sales pages to sell your offer with videos. With VidMagnet, you don’t need a funnel or page builder to sell your offer. It allows you to add unlimited interactive conversion and sales elements onto your videos eliminating the need to pay for or use a funnel builder.

With VidMagnet you can start writing your own PayCheck right away. There is no need to worry fi you've never made a single sale in your entire life. With this new VidMagnet solution, sending 100 visitors, 500 visitors or even 1000 visitors will be SUPER SIMPLE even for beginners like you. You will convert any video of your choice into a powerful sales Magnet in just three simple steps!

  • Step 1: Log in to your very own cloud-based dashboard using any web browser. Nothing to download!

  • Step 2: Create unlimited video campaigns & simply drag-n-drop to add interactive elements. Use hot-selling videos from across popular platforms or insert your unique files.

  • Step 3: Now VidMagnet magically attracts laser targeted buyer traffic and sales directly to you.

The Following Features Make VidMagnet The Best Video Software

All-In-One VidMagnet Dashboard: This product allows you to ace interactive video marketing from one single dashboard. You are able to skip the trouble of creating sales pages & ads. It guarantees viewer retention as compared to passive videos. VidMagnet is completely hosted on the cloud. You can access it from any device of your choice at any time. No hassles at all, simply plug & play. Nothing to download or install ever.

You will be able to create videos that allow audience to participate in the viewing experience. VidMagnet encourages the viewer to engage directly with the video for a more exciting experience. They do this by answering poll questions, dropping feedbacks and answers at the spot, taking actions like download pdfs/files at the spot, and even talking buying or getting to opt-in the email list when watching the video.

Automates Interactive Element Layer Editor Full Of OF CTAS, Quizzes, Polls, etc.: It retains customer attention without the hassle of video creation, only by simply adding an interactive layer. You will be able to personalize the video into your very own sales vehicle using CTAs, logo, texts, images, videos & lots more. Engage with your audience via polls, quizzes & much much more.

Legal Siphoning System: You can pick up any video from Vimeo, Dropbox or YouTube and legally siphon its viral traffic. It’s completely legal for you to use them as they are still hosted by the platforms and you’re not downloading them.

Original Video Uploading System & Video-In-Video Embedding: VidMagnet cleverly embeds videos from popular platforms and adds interactive elements to it. You don’t need to create any video, simply choose a video, upload it into the system and start editing. And you can embed it anywhere, be it website, blogs, social media, emails or share the links directly.

Personalized Branding Enabled: This tool enables branding by allowing you to personalize any video using your logo, images, texts, and other elements to make it unique and stand out.

Step-By-Step Video Tutorials: Although the software is easy to use, it also comes with detailed tutorial videos that help you to understand the software to make sure you get started and make money right away. So there is no room for confusion right from the start.

Now This Is Why You Need VidMagnet:

Easily Grab a Share Of The 500 Million Daily YouTube Traffic: VidMagnet lets you leverage the massive power of existing resources on YouTube and other video platforms. You don't need to create your own videos, build a sales page, create a website, pay for Facebook or Google ads, or even email marketing. You simply find a viral video online and plug in your links and you’re on your way to unbelievable traffic and sales. Forget learning any Adobe video suite or getting the services of a professional videographer. All you can do is use other people’s videos legally to profit, nothing else and you won't worry about free traffic for affiliate marketing for beginners any more!

Elevate Your Sales And Business With High Performance: This software makes your videos interactive and engaging; thereby increasing user engagement, retention and conversion. Your audience will no longer leave within the first 10 seconds of your videos, but VidMagnet keeps them engaged and glued until they get to the call to action. The result is that you can sell more physical and digital products and make more profits. You can even build your list using the pop-up opt-in form, grow your social media profiles, get feedback using polls and quizzes as well.

Commercial License Included: VidMagnet comes with a commercial license included in the front end offer without any extra charge. You can therefore use it to sell your interactive services to clients for a top dollar and keep 100% profits.

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