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If you’ve looked at it from a marketing perspective, you probably already realize that it plays host to a massive demographic range, and is not just a site for teens. Influencers and companies of all sorts have quickly jumped onto the platform, and are rapidly building followings. I’m talking about mainstream companies like the Washington Post, Chipotle, BMW, HP, Fortnite, and ESPN, just to name a few. Not to mention organizations like NASCAR, the NBA, the NFL, and the San Diego Zoo. Yes there is a lot of silly stuff and dance videos on TikTok.

However, there is also a growing body of high quality and legitimately helpful content. While much of TikTok is about entertainment, it’s also proven to be very much about education. Like YouTube, Tik tok is paying out millions of dollars to its content creators, and many of those top content creators are producing educational videos. They’re talking about short educational videos under 60 seconds. Many TikTokers are now expects of how to make money online from home just by posting a handful of short videos.

TikTok currently has three built-in programs for earning income: The Creator Fund, Creator Marketplace, and Live Gifting. Beyond the partner programs, many TikTok users are getting paid thousands of dollars for posting sponsored videos, and again these are short videos under 1 minute. While you’ll often see the craziest and sexiest videos featured on TikTok’s home page, I want you to know. You don’t need to be young, funny, sexy, or fashionable to be popular on Tik tok.

Many of the popular content creators on TikTok are just normal-looking people who are sharing interesting short videos in a niche. You can do the same, so you don’t have to worry about getting sucked into the Tik tok vortex. If you were building your following the “traditional” way, yeah I’d be worried about you wasting time and spending all day scrolling through videos. With TT Suite software, the only real “work” you have to do is come up with some content to post. TT Suite goes to work for you, so you don’t have to waste a moment watching videos, commenting, or anything else.

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