PrimeMeet is a dynamic and incredible web conferencing software that supports webinar and video marketing for business. It offers real-time communication with video & audio communication, file sharing, screen sharing, podcasts, whiteboard and live p2p & group chat messaging. PrimeMeet is the best way forward to work remotely & be connected over one of the finest online video conferencing. Whether small or large, PrimeMeet works for all business sizes. You will be able to organize and hold large meetings, business meetings, seminars, online training programs, Podcasts and webinars with this software. All this with just with just a single click to join and the live interactive chats. This is truly a ground-breaking business enterprise platform which empowers your business meetings and supports large meetings. With PrimeMeet, you can host unlimited video conferences, meetings, live video chats, live classes, online trainings, podcasts, webinars and many more together with real-time file sharing. You get all this at no monthly fee; just pay once and use forever.

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Video conferencing presents countless opportunities to businesses or engaging remote workers, collaborating across departments and locations, interviewing job candidates, or managing suppliers, the technology is efficient, cost-effective, and scalable. Virtual meeting statistics and video conferencing statistics have accelerated throughout 2020 and will continue throughout 2021. Research shows that 87% of employees state that they feel more connected with their colleagues through video conferencing software. By the end of 2021, 30% of the global workforce will choose to remote work multiple days per week. Data from TrustRadius indicates that there was 500% increase in buyer activity of web and video conferencing services since the Covid-19 outbreak began. Further research shows that there has been a decline in in-person meetings, there's increasing importance and use of AI and machine learning for audio. Also intercompany conferencing is also on the rise, as companies utilize technologies to talk to their stakeholders such as suppliers, partners. So, by 2024, research projects that the video conferencing industry will be worth US$20 billion!

Now, can you picture yourself being able to tap into 300m+ visitors daily! That's right!, it’s a free traffic stream that is very achievable and yet only 2% of companies are currently conducting live webinars & videos. The challenge is that many businesses are not able to tap into this never-ending free traffic stream. Most businesspeople are finding conducting webinars quite difficult nowadays. Their challenges include problems with IT Help desk, lack of solid support resources from service vendor, old and outdated features of the software, expensive monthly subscriptions, and lack of or poor training are just some of sore points of businesses holding them from holding webinars.

Your business may have experienced one, some, or all of these challenges outlined above. Outdated solutions for hosting webinars and lack of vendor service support will cost you a lot of time and money instead of saving these. It is well known that webinars are expensive and sometimes not easy to convert. Most platforms for webinars such as Zoom will charge you in excess of $5,000 per year to conduct your webinars. It will be a serious waste of resources and money if these expensive webinars don’t bring the desired leads, conversions, sales and ultimately profits. The time has arrived for you to shift from these common platforms like Zoom, GoToMeeting, or Skype or any other software you may think of and do things differently.

You will definitely not regret it as this is your ticket to better results. This will overcome your struggle and the developers of this new software have done all the hard work for you and have a genuine solution that will make sure you capitalize on this free traffic stream.

With PrimeMeet, you will host unlimited video conferences, meetings, live video chats, live classes, online trainings, podcasts, webinars and a lot more, along with real time file sharing. You will make loads of profits with the webinars you held when your affiliate link and live stream is broadcasted across social media and thousands of potential customers. Just imagine if you can share a link to your client and within a second, you're live on video call. The best part is that you've no software to install, and absolutely no downloads at absolutely no monthly fee. Just pay once and use forever with no limitations.

You will be create and hold your webinars and meetings in just 3 simple steps:

  • Step 1: Create Your Webinar, Video Meeting Or Live Conference

  • Step 2: Show your presentation / Teach your audience

  • Step 3: Sell your High-ticket Course/ software

PrimeMeet lets you work remotely & be connected over one of the finest online video conferencing. PrimeMeet supports all business sizes, ranging from small to large and you hold large meetings, business meetings, seminars, online training programs and Podcasts using this magical software for webinars with just with a single click to join and live interactive chats. This software was prepared by professionals following their deep assessment and careful research of people’s experiences of their in-person meetings to provide an easy navigation, user-friendly UI with flexible checkbox-based rulesets for the users to simply pick the required functions.

Take A Look At The Features That Make PrimeMeet So Special:

  • Multiple Meeting Types: You can choose to conduct any type of meeting. They have multiple options like Video Conference, Webinars, Live Classes, Audio Conference, Podcasts etc. to choose from. They support creating and setting up meetings in one click.

  • Intuitive Whiteboard: PrimeMeet offers you intuitive whiteboard to write and edit all the texts you want to in a beautifully designed presentation interface best suited for your video marketing for business.

  • Audio, Video and Screen Sharing Options: It becomes easy for you to conduct any kind of meeting with a client or a team member with multiple choices. You can conduct both audio and video meetings along with the option to share your screen online during the meeting. This can help make the meetings more effective. If you want to share a file on screen, just choose that option and browse a file from any device.

  • Live Chat / Real Time Messaging: Unlimited list imports can be done inside the tool. It is integrated with features that automatically add subscribers as and when they sign in.

  • Contacts & Segments for Invitation: The very cool feature of PrimeMeet is that it also helps you to segment your contacts. You can add your own new segments, name them, add description and keep adding as many as you want.

  • Scheduled & Instant Meetings /Webinars: PrimeMeet allows you to conduct instant meetings with a simple click. Not only this, but it is also easier to schedule meetings in the easy-to-use dashboard. There are multiple options you can operate during the meeting and change the layout of the background as you wish. It also allows you to set up time of the meeting, estimated duration, description for participants etc.

  • Reports & Analytics: You can send your emails and track them with all reports and statistics features available inside the software to help you analyze the clicks and opens and maximize your conversions. If you want to share a file on screen, just choose that option and browse a file from any device.

  • Multiple Authentication Option: PrimeMeet has two-factor authentication making it easier for organizations to protect their users and prevent security breaches.

  • Roles & Permissions Management (ACL) System: Effortlessly assign roles to different team members of your organization with Role-based access control (RBAC) in PrimeMeet.

  • UI and Push Notifications: With the push notification feature, the software alerts with important reminders and helps in improving conversions and meeting important deadlines.

  • Multi-lingual & Locale Management: Participants can join meetings and live conferences, using instant language switching, from any smartphone, tablet, or computer. Speakers, attendees and even interpreters can be in the room or half a world across as the solution accommodates on-site and/or off-site interpreters. PrimeMeet has live language translation.

  • Auto & Manual Screen Locking: Screen can be locked both manually and automatically. One can set up any option they seem best for their needs.

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