Language of Desire

What Is Language of Desire?

Language of Desire is a very powerful and must have program designed to help women learn the secrets of attraction so that they can get exactly what they want in a relationship and with whoever their heart desire. Language of Desire focuses on men's psychological workings and their physiological reactions to specific spoken phrases. In short, it's a book that's centered on communication theories that turn on the lustful desires of men.

Its content thus focuses more on the communication aspect than the physical actions, further cementing the fact that this book is all about the language rather than the desire. If you're busy searching for an erotic book to make you feel lustful, then look no further because this book has got you covered. This book is very much concerned with reality rather than male or female fantasies. This book targets women who can't figure out what their men want for their intimate life. This does not include bed interactions only, but all sorts of things, such as hooking the man you want for life.

Studies have shown that there are four neural systems that cause someone to experience attraction – the dopamine, serotonin, testosterone, and estrogen/oxytocin systems. These four components are the secret sauce to mastering your love life both inside and outside of the bedroom. This guide teaches you how to use these key neural systems to make any man experience undeniable attraction and irresistibility for them.

The techniques outlined in this guide can work perfectly for any woman whether single, married, widowed, and can also be used in any situation you want. It can be getting the hot guy in the bar to come over for the night, to build a new relationship or even to save a failing one. However, you will realize that unlike other programs out there, Language Of Desire isn’t about doing some weird approaches, changing your appearance, or adjusting your expectations or standards. This works with you – just the way you are, and most importantly with what you want.

The program provides you with abundant comprehensive powerful information that can completely change the way you date, love, make love, and form relationships. It’s so detailed, covering every angle you could ever think of. Thus, everything is broken down in a 10-module series for easy, organized understanding. Within the 10-module series, you get much more than just expert knowledge, but everything you need to know and gives you with all the professional dating tips, techniques and tricks needed to put your newfound knowledge into action.

Here is a breakdown of the modules:

Module 1: Introduction

In the introductory stage of the program, you learn the basics on navigating the site, the author’s personal story on why she created the program, why sexual expression is so hard for women and a breakdown of the following modules.

Module 2: Become a Sexual Superwoman

  • Learn how to dump your fear of the “slut” label

  • Determine your sexual boundaries

  • Discover your growl-inducing Madonna Moan

Module 3: Loving Man’s Best Friend (Hint: It’s Not His Dog)

  • Understand the secrets of his sex drive

  • Learn why his penis is so important to him

  • Rethink pornography (this one is controversial!)

  • Learn the Porn Destroyer

Module 4: Brain Chemistry and Sex

  • Explore how desire and sex work with our primitive mind

  • Using the potent cuddle hormone technique

  • Have fun with Pavlov’s Erection technique

  • Learn the power of Sexual Singularity

Module 5: Create an Erotic Action Movie

  • Make him the star of your own sexy movie script

  • Writing your script step by step

  • Learn a variety of ways to share your movie with him

Module 6: Desire Intensifiers

  • Masterfully crank up the sexual heat

  • Make him pant with desire with the tease intensifier

  • Learn a blow job to blow his mind with the oral intensifier

  • Snap “him” to attention with Verbal Viagra

Module 7: For The Single Ladies

  • Use dirty talk effectively when dating

  • Get him to commit with the Monogamous Male Maximizer

  • How to go from Friend-Zone to Fantasy Girl

Module 8: Getting Your Fantasies Met

  • Planting desire seeds

  • Have dirty fun with The Lust Mirror technique

  • Practically read his mind using erotic telepathy

  • Make him your hero with the romance rotator

  • Explore your kinky side with 50 shades of experimenting

Module 9: When “Sex” Isn’t Possible

  • Getting around life’s sexual obstacle course

  • Learn how to be dirty from a distance

  • Use the no touch lay to keep things hot

  • Learn about the invisible chastity belt (it’s more fun than it sounds)

Module 10: Master Class

  • What if he’s a cold fish

  • Overcome objections

  • Fine-tune your technique

  • Plan out your dirty deeds

The Language Of Desire is a must have guide designed to help women get intimate with their partners with just words. This guide equips you with the power of words to increase the intimacy you want so badly. The Language Of Desire is an excellent book that offers both practical and scientific insight to reignite your relationship with men. With its strong value for money & effectiveness, it is more than a worthy investment for women who long to be loved.

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